50 for 50

Well the big 5-0 is here. I'm a bit freaked out about it. Not so much in an age way, but in a "how the hell did this happen?" way. Seriously, how did this happen. Fifty! I still think of myself as about 28 or 32, maybe even 35. Thirty-five was a big year. Life changing. Speaking of which I can't … [Read More...]


3 1/2 Months

I've been on my own now for 3 and 1/2 months. On my own as in self-employed, without a J.O.B. Solo-preneur. Business of one. It's a bit lonely. I'm feeling a bit un-moored. Adrift … [Read More...]


Friday 7:40 – Utah

My view from here. Where I've been sitting and working for most of the day. But now the son is home and it's time to finally watch this week's Sons of Anarchy. Happy Friday! Check out Lizzi's … [Read More...]


4:35 – Utah

4:35 pm Friday - Library Square drive by I'm heading up the U to pick up my friends for dinner. Good friends. Good laughs. Dinner on the patio of our favorite diner in the canyon. Life is … [Read More...]


Remembering past love…

Wow, that title could take me a lot of places, but I'm talking about photography. Last night when I documented what my Friday night at 6:07 looked like I downloaded probably a year's worth of photos … [Read More...]


Friday 6:07 – Utah

This is what my Friday night looks like. I know, I party like a rockstar. I call this Sloppy Hoagie on a chipped plate. Check out what 6:07 on a Friday evening looks like for Lizzi in … [Read More...]


Dreams + One Month

It's been just over one month since I took that step to follow my dreams and go full time with Bellano Web Studio. I'm officially self-employed. So far it's wonderful and a bit terrifying. I had to … [Read More...]